Bible Copy

For years I have written out passages of Scripture – from single verses to a few epistles.  I find that I can really learn about a topic if I look up all the verses pertaining to that subject, like grace, and write out all the verses that mention the word.  It gives a great overall picture, which is lost so often when we cherry-pick.  I love finding old notebooks and looking back over “word studies” that I have done in the past.

This past spring I came upon a website talking about Bible copy, as in the whole Bible! Continue reading



One of the hottest fads in the church is “branding.” Okay, it’s not just the church, it’s everywhere.  All the major churches (and secular corporations) have them, and any good up-and-coming seeker friendly, mega church wanna-be makes sure they create a “feel” from the get-go.  I even read about a church who hired a company (and there are lots of them out there) to help them come up with their name and brand before they even started it!  Hmm, I wonder how Spirit-led that was? Of course, this goes right along with asking the world what they want in a church… oy! Continue reading

The Tale of Two Peppers

My raised beds beckoned to me yesterday as I walked among them, they were being overcome with all sorts of weeds.  Starting a new year of homeschooling, making all sorts of goodies for winter (jams, jellies, etc.), life in general, and the fact that most of the plants are well established and producing fruit had all attributed to me falling behind on my battle against the unwanted intruders.  This of course is a whole spiritual lesson in itself, but that’s for another day.  Since it was Sabbath, I decided that I would attend to them on Sunday (today).

As I was working my way through the 9 vegetable beds, (on a total side note… we named the boxes for the fruit of the Spirit, with Love being the last one since it is the greatest.  We have 2 herb boxes at the beginning of the beds which we have named Faith and Grace, since it is only through them that you start to develop the fruit of the Spirit, lol) I thought about my previous gardens and how different each has been.  Most of kinds of plants I’ve had at least 3 times, but this year was only the second time I’ve grown jalapenos, and what a difference! Continue reading