Bible Copy

For years I have written out passages of Scripture – from single verses to a few epistles.  I find that I can really learn about a topic if I look up all the verses pertaining to that subject, like grace, and write out all the verses that mention the word.  It gives a great overall picture, which is lost so often when we cherry-pick.  I love finding old notebooks and looking back over “word studies” that I have done in the past.

This past spring I came upon a website talking about Bible copy, as in the whole Bible!  I knew of the command to kings in Deuteronomy 17:18, but had never thought of applying that to myself or my kids.  After reading a book they had on it (there is a video summing it up too), I loved the idea.  Since we follow Torah, what a great way to teach it to our children!  Nathaniel had actually been led to start writing out Torah himself just before I “stumbled” across the website, and had already started.  So we decided we wanted to make it a family thing.  Armed with notebooks, pens, pencils…. and white-out… lol… we got started.

It has been a few months now, and though we haven’t been doing it as faithfully as we would like, we are still going.  I am working on getting better organized in the mornings, as I like to have the kids start their school day out with this, and with Yeshua’s help this will come.  Even so, what we have gotten done has been great.  We have seen things we never noticed before; there is definitely something to slowing down and writing it word for word.  The kids can see things for themselves, and are able to make more connections with what they read elsewhere in the Bible.

I’ve chosen to do KJV for myself since I got a little scarred with trying to handle reading the old English as a little kid, but know it is a very respected version to many.  As an adult I would always stumble over the words in reading it aloud, but now I can do it easily.  Also, the difference from my NASB helps me catch things that I miss in the familiarity of reading passages I already know.  I also decided to follow the paragraph divisions, but only to mark the chapter division by a note in the margin and not do anything for verses.  I prefer to read in paragraph form anyway, as I think it gives a better flow of what was actually written, not to mention the fact that chapters and verses are a fairly new thing to the Bible.

I do change some of the words to more Hebrew forms, such as Avraham, Yakov, and Moshe… and, of course, replace every “the LORD” with Yahveh!  What an eye opener that can be!  I was tempted to change a few other KJV-ism’s, like calling the sons of Esau “dukes” and the use of “an” before “h” and other such things, but I decided to let those things stand.  We’ve chosen to not have the kids do KJV for various reasons, but we do have them use Yahveh.

I must say there is nothing like sitting around the table, everyone’s Bibles and notebooks open, diligently writing out God’s word!  What a great way to spend family time or a Shabat afternoon!


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