Here’s one for the Joel fans….

I realize that not everyone who checks out my blog may be interested in the same things as me, so I thought I would post something that you may like.  Not many people in my area know who Joel Osteen is, but for those of you who do, enjoy the following teaching from him.  He gets that God actually has our best in mind when He said that pork and shellfish aren’t food.

So, remember your best life now doesn’t include unclean food!


Worthy is the Lamb!

I’ve been reading up on baptism in the 1st century lately.  This topic has intrigued me since my teen years, I always wondered where the idea of baptism came from, what gave it a validity to the people, especially since I was told it came on the scene with John the Baptist.  I have known for a time that it has its roots in the washings prescribed in the Torah, but have wondered as of late how the people at that time viewed it.  There is still more searching to do, but I definitely have learned a lot, especially concerning the dialogue between Nicodemus and Yeshua in John 3.  I have been drawn to that passage several times, and felt like there is more to be understood than what I currently did.  There is definitely more depth there than I had seen before. Continue reading

Torah – Prophecy or Constitution?

Ever heard “Jesus fulfilled the law, so it doesn’t apply to us anymore?”  I used to believe this…. because I was happy to go along with what I was taught instead of actually studying the Word for myself.  Yeah, not so much anymore!  Yes, Yeshua did come to fulfill – to bring the full meaning to the commandments, not to make it no longer valid.  Not to mention the issue with Him fulfilling the whole law as He was neither a woman, leper, land owner, or married… there are some very specific laws pertaining to only those groups of people, so do they still pertain to those people today? Hmm… Continue reading