Here’s one for the Joel fans….

I realize that not everyone who checks out my blog may be interested in the same things as me, so I thought I would post something that you may like.  Not many people in my area know who Joel Osteen is, but for those of you who do, enjoy the following teaching from him.  He gets that God actually has our best in mind when He said that pork and shellfish aren’t food.

So, remember your best life now doesn’t include unclean food!


6 thoughts on “Here’s one for the Joel fans….

  1. I’m all for healthy eating, no doubt, and yes there is good reason why God declared those foods unclean, and yes people should watch what they eat.

    But I cant help but feel like Joel is disguising “healthy eating” with keeping the Levitical food laws.

    Maybe I’m just overreacting.

    • Trust me, Joel is not promoting keeping Levitical food laws…. although I happen to abide by them not only for health reasons, but because I trust God knows what He is talking about when He says what is food and what is not food.

  2. We may have, through science and observation, deduced that certain animals and creatures are filthy and unhealthy, but that is not why we follow YHVH’s commands. We are not to obey Him because we have figured out why He has commanded something and we find ourselves in agreement. We are to obey Him wether or not we agree with Him. We obey to be obedient.

    Joel Osteen is one of the most blasphemous, unbiblical, “feel good” preachers known to present day man. When questioned about difficult subjects, such as abortion and homosexuality, he cowers and gives answers like, “I just want to focus on God’s love. I’m not here to judge anybody.” He is a self-seeking prosperity preacher that is leading hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Yeshua’s sheep away from the truths of Messiah and the fear of God and will face much judgement.

    Even a broken clock may be correct twice a day, but do not let that deceive you into listening to this man.

    • I agree with you! I meant the post more as a jest*, though the fact that Joel and I agree on something is amazing!

      I know that some people who check out my blog follow him, so I was giving them some “food” (pun intended) for thought. Especially for those who love bacon.

      I don’t have to understand the reasons why I should follow God’s ways, in fact I look at as science catching up with God, we should obey because we love Him and we know that what He commands is for our good regardless of our level of understanding. Which I think we both agree on 🙂

      *edited to change cynisism to jest – which is a better word to use for what I meant

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  4. I actually came here to thank you for participating in our “Name that Goat!” “contest,” (the kids are having SO much fun with that, and I appreciate you taking time to vote on that very much!) In the meantime, though, I came across this post and I’m really looking forward to watching it!

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