Celebrating that connects us to the past… and to the future!

Today most people around the world are celebrating Christmas, a day to celebrate the birthday of Jesus, the Messiah of the world.  Okay, there are many who admit that He wasn’t born today or even within a month’s time frame of this day, but  this is the day that has “randomly” been chosen to celebrate it.  It doesn’t take much historical digging to find out that today was considered by many godless cultures the birth of the messiah – a false one, that is- and celebrated as such for generations before the birth of Yeshua.  But nevertheless, churches and Christians still choose to observe this day (and entire month season) as the birth of their Messiah.  So when families gather around the Christmas tree, go to the many parties of the season, eat of the many traditional foods, or give gifts to each other, they are connecting with generations in the past who also had decorated trees in their homes, partied, ate these same special foods, and gave gifts to each other… but is this what we are supposed to be connecting to? Continue reading