1 inch margins!

I have to share this…. it’s so exciting….

This morning, while looking for a compact NASB to carry in my purse, I found a wide margin NASB – a whole inch wide!  Wow!!

That is just such a thrilling thought to me… imagine all the room for notes…. ahh….

Even though it doesn’t have the paragraph format that I enjoy in my current ultra-thin version, there are no red words, which is nice.  Since it is from the Lockman Foundation it still has great references.  It is a single column with the references on the side, interesting, but looks very readable.

Anyway, even though I’m not ordering it any time soon, it is still wonderful to think of!



False prophet rabbit trails…

I started the following on Friday, after I had followed a rabbit trail for a while.  Oh, the things I find on rabbit trails!….

I am torn between crying and throwing up.  I just followed a link from Honor of Kings (Kevin has some great stuff, you should check him out) that brought me to a part of the “prophetic” movement that I hadn’t known of before.  I like to keep tabs on certain parts because I know people who are caught up in it.  To me this is a new guy, a new ministry, but the same old thing.  Here’s a quote from his “Need a Prophetic Word?” page… (I removed his name) Continue reading