False prophet rabbit trails…

I started the following on Friday, after I had followed a rabbit trail for a while.  Oh, the things I find on rabbit trails!….

I am torn between crying and throwing up.  I just followed a link from Honor of Kings (Kevin has some great stuff, you should check him out) that brought me to a part of the “prophetic” movement that I hadn’t known of before.  I like to keep tabs on certain parts because I know people who are caught up in it.  To me this is a new guy, a new ministry, but the same old thing.  Here’s a quote from his “Need a Prophetic Word?” page… (I removed his name)

We want to say ‘THANK YOU‘ in advance for your love gift that comes from your heart to help us spread God’s love to everyone. ____ always gives quality time to hear from God for you out of his busy schedule. Your gift of love of 40 dollars or more helps us take care of the needs of others. It is as always, a request and not required. The gift of God is always freely given, but the labor and time is asked to please be honored. If you need ____ to hear God for you, just click on the paypal button below to make your love gift of $40.00 or more. We will then send you your prophetic word to the email you provide us as an audio download. Please allow up to 4 days for delivery to your email.
The universal kingdom principle of sowing and reaping and ‘give and it shall be given unto you’ always applys to all of us.


Okay, did you catch that?  They say, “It is as always, a request and not required“, and yet the only way you can get the “word” is if you first click on the Paypal button to give your $40 per person!  Um, that’s not a request, and it is required!  The sad thing is that I know people who would pay that and be so excited for it.

They have some great answers to those of us who would raise a fuss…

“Bro. ____, why would you ask for money to give a prophetic word?”

Very simple, ALL through the Old Testament, if you went to a prophet, you always carried a gift or an offering. Not because you were trying to “buy” a word or that the prophet was trying to “sell” the word. It was simply out of respect. To honor the “gift” (prophet) that God had given. Remember, it is all about God, not the person. But God did say, ” for the worker deserves his wages.” Luke 10:07.

The Bible also says, “Give and it shall be given back to you.”

 “Do you always have a word from the Lord when someone writes in to you?” 

ANSWER: 100% percent of the time, YES. Because the Bible says, “that the spirit of a prophet is subject (or to the control) of the prophet.” They are the mouthpiece of God to the body of Christ. To tell the people what God is saying to them. When God speaks, it not might always be what we want to hear, but God desires to tell us what He wants us to know about ourselves.

Could you imagine someone asking God to speak to them and God saying, “I don’t feel like it” or “I just don’t want to.” God said in His Word, “if you ask me for bread, I will not give you a stone.” In other words, “if you ask me to talk to you, It would be my delight to love all over you by speaking to you.”


Of course, if you need more than a simple word, you can get some personal life coaching sessions for the low, low starting price of $200 going all the way up to $1200!

Talk about false prophets whose god is their belly, who view the Word of God as a way of gain, who fleece the sheep and grow fat a rich while doing it.

The part that cracks me up is, these people have to rely on the Old Testament as the foundation for what they are pandering, yet I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t agree to keep the 7th day Sabbath, eat clean, keep the feast days, or any of the other things that have their basis in the “Old Testament”!


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